Who we are

Our Vision

The vision for Pygmalion remains one of being “a small, professional leadership & organisational development consulting firm that remains at the ‘fluid edge’ of emerging theory and practice” (Sean Germond).


Our approach as Pygmalion

Our approach is based on the understanding that if you consider, perceive and treat people in an unbiased and positive way, and give them the necessary attention, feedback, advice and skills, they can achieve potential beyond their expectations. However, we appreciate that people are ‘always in context’.  This means that from a systems thinking perspective, such 1st order change interventions (focussing on the person and their leadership development) needs to be supported by 2nd order change interventions (focussing on the system and the necessary organisational development) to deliver the ‘change that makes the difference’. Pygmalion always considers our individual executive clients in context, and that our coaching and development programmes need to deliver on a number of levels at the same time.


The Relevance of our offering

Our offering is based on the context of the demands of working and leading in a globalised world, complete with uncertainty and interconnectivity.

We see the following trends as the context for our work:


The Spirit of Pygmalion

One of the greatest challenges for organizations and their leadership in our modern era is the ability to develop and realize the full potential of the people who are responsible for managing, sourcing, developing, delivering, distributing or selling the products and services of that organization. The cornerstone of an successful organization in this “post modern”, global and interconnected world, is the quality of the people who individually and collectively contribute to the success, profitability and sustainability of the business. Our business is about creating a partnership with you, to assist you in realizing the full potential of your people.