Current Engagements


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PROJECTS in 2020-2021 (on-going and evolving partnerships)

 We are currently working with clients in the across these sectors with the following Projects:

  • Partnership with Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) – Sean Germond is an Associate and Lead Faculty member of CCL since 2009.  Over the years, he has partnered with CCL in various roles: As Executive Coach for senior leadership coaching programmes, as Feedback Coach in support of Leadership Development Programmes (LDPs), as Lead Faculty in delivering such LDPs, as an Innovation Coach to support cohort groups with their “Action Learning” projects (using Design Thinking methodologies), and as Design faculty in the crafting and shaping of a learning experience (face-2-face as well as virtual or a hybrid thereof).  2020 and Covid-19 saw a rapid shift to live online design and deliveries, and Sean continues to contribute to CCL client programmes, with 2021 being a busy year in this world without boundaries (virtual learning meaning working with global clients)
  • Retail (outdoor, tourism, apparel,  automotive products) – A long standing client journey that started out over 9 years ago (supporting an Executive Leadership Team in the crafting and then execution of their multi year strategic plan as part of their ambition to be a leading retailer with a Southern African footprint), and now focusses specifically on digital leadership to support their on-line shopping operating model.
  • Private Health Care – Sean provided a strategic planning process to a diverse shareholder group who had the intent of establishing a healthcare group that has the potential to radically “redefine private-public healthcare sector partnerships where the primary client is the patient at the centre of the care that is provided”…
  • Alcohol Beverage entity – Sean is mentoring the HR Exec in the design and delivery of a revised Performance Management process that includes fast tracking goal alignment to support business planning, developing a set of indicators (lead) that focus and motivate the required performance targets (lag), and coaching support to senior line managers to ensure within and across business/function alignment in review processes and practices
  • Convenience Foods – A well known brand had been licensed to use our trademarked “Still Life Workshop™” in support of their “diversity and inclusion” initiative.   2020 saw this shift to online delivery, with a recertification of a core group of staff members.  The Still Life Workshop™ offers a fresh and compelling approach to helping staff with the ‘in-side out’ learning and development process to support the ‘transformation’ within their organisation.
  • Oil & Gas On going Organisational Development programme for a State Owned Entity (that builds on High Performance Team development sessions) to ensure organisational and leadership capability to deliver on a 5 year strategic plan.   2020 and 2021 now sees a focus on ‘digital enablement’ – both as a response to Pandemic and new ways of working, as well as optimisation and automation of core operational processes.  Sean’s role continues to be that of Executive Coach to the ExCo, lead Faculty role in delivering the Digital Leadership Transformation programme (to support digital enablement projects), and mentorship role to sustain high performance culture initiative (handing over the reins to an internal senior manager).
  • Media (news and publishing) – Sean has been assisting a national Media Entity (southern africa) with a “leadership journey” that involves working with the teams within the bigger team.  The focus has been on the intersect of team effectiveness and leadership (as a social process), providing practical support to each team leader and his/her team in the effective execution of business goals that requires a change in internal management controls and operating processes.  Social media (especially Facebook) is redefining the sector – the seismic shift from a broadcast (1-to-many) to an interactive (many-to-many) understanding of media, requires radical new ways of thinking and acting by journalists.  The 4th Industrial Revolution (digital) has arrived!
  • Global Household Appliances Entity – Sean is partnering with Teamship SA (Pty) Ltd in support to an Integration Project where the South African business has now been acquired by a European entity.  This ‘best of both worlds’ initiative is to align all staff to a new Purpose and revised set of core Values and Practices (ways of working), to assist with the change impact (transition experience)
  • Executive Coaching – Sean is currently engaged in a number of executive coaching assignments with senior/executive managers across Financial Services, Pharmaceutical and Consumer goods.  Such engagements are typically over a 6-15 month period, with on average 12 to 15 hours of on-site/telephonic coaching sessions