Current Engagements

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PROJECTS in 2019 (on-going and evolving partnerships)

 We are currently working with clients in the across these sectors with the following Projects:

  • Consumer Goods (Grains, Confectionary, Household) – Sean Germond was contracted as the Executive Leadership Team Coach, and has been working with the ExCO leadership team with their Journey to transition into an “Enterprise Leadership” team that is accountable for a growth strategy that requires a shift in existing culture given the radical changes in their Operating Model and organisational structure.  The team coaching programme consists of a number of team off site retreats and 1-day ‘practice development workshops’ (action learning) coupled with a quarterly engagement programme with the next tier management executive (MD’s and their respective teams).
  • Retail (outdoor, tourism, apparel,  automotive products) – Currently supporting an Executive Leadership Team in the execution of their 3-5 year strategic plan as part of their ambition to be a leading retailer with a Southern African footprint and digital leadership in on-line shopping.  The planning process consisted of at least 2 x multi-day strategy dialogue sessions (where we will play, how we will win, what capabilities are required, what the management/operating model implications) that were informed by strategic analysis (pre-work) and a follow through initiative to ‘socialise’ the revised strategy into the broader organisation.
  • Private Health Care – Sean provided a strategic planning process to a diverse shareholder group who had the intent of establishing a healthcare group that has the potential to radically “redefine private-public healthcare sector partnerships where the primary client is the patient at the centre of the care that is provided”…
  • Convenience Foods – A well known brand has been licensed to use our “Still Life Workshop” in support of their “diversity and inclusion” initiative that offers a fresh and compelling approach to helping staff with the ‘in-side out’ learning and development process to support the ‘transformation’ within their organisation.   Sean has trained internal “facilitators” to run over 15 workshops that impact on more than 240 staff during a 3 month period.
  • Tertiary Education – Following through with an organisational and leadership development initiative called “Leading the Transition” that is part of a broader change management process to support the transformation from a Polytechnic into a University of Science and Technology.  This includes supporting a change agent community to lead/fast track tangible expressions of the key projects driving this transformation.  We have also partnered with the client in the design, development and delivery of a “Leadership in Higher Education Programme” (LHeP) that was prototyped in 2015 (with key senior staff) that has been implemented in 2016 (initially for all internal staff, and then as an enrolment programme).  The institution has now become Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), and Pygmalion is working with the client in the continued development of follow through Modules for the LHeP.
  • Oil & Gas On going Organisational Development programme for a State Owned Entity (that builds on High Performance Team development sessions) to ensure organisational and leadership capability to deliver on a 5 year strategic plan.   The programme started back in late 2014, was followed by providing Strategic Planning support, and now the disciplines of execution (or strategy-into-action):  a focus on creating the right conditions to improve performance culture and delivery on budgetted business and organisational goals.  This year will see all departments aligning on a set of goals with corresponding LAG (finish line) and LEAD (what it would take to predict and influence the desired outcome) scorecards with different performance review processes in place (who we meet, when we meet and what we meet about).
  • Media (news and publishing) – Sean has been assisting a national Media Entity (southern africa) with a “leadership journey” that involves working with the teams within the bigger team.  The focus has been on the intersect of team effectiveness and leadership (as a social process), providing practical support to each team leader and his/her team in the effective execution of business goals that requires a change in internal management controls and operating processes.  Social media (especially Facebook) is redefining the sector – the seismic shift from a broadcast (1-to-many) to an interactive (many-to-many) understanding of media, requires radical new ways of thinking and acting by journalists.  The 4th Industrial Revolution (digital) has arrived!
  • Beverage – Sean assisted the combined Marketing Business Units for Coca-Cola to kick start their establishment of one marketing community of practice as part of the follow through to a restructured region, where the ambition is to become the continent where best practice will emerge over the next decade.
  • Skin Care/Cosmetics – Assisting the client with a review, re-design and implementation support of a more robust recruitment programme that ensure goodness-of-fit of prospective candidates into existing and emerging senior management roles as part of the client organisation’s growth strategy (increased portfolio and internal repositioning of roles to drive performance).  This now includes providing recruitment support (interviewing the screened candidates) to ensure the candidate is suited/can fit into a unique work environment.
  • Executive Coaching – Sean is currently engaged in a number of executive coaching assignments with senior/executive managers across Financial Services, Pharmaceutical and Consumer goods.  Such engagements are typically over a 6-15 month period, with on average 12 to 15 hours of on-site/telephonic coaching sessions
  • In development/Pipeline – We are also busy involved in a design and planning process with 2 Africa based client organisations to deliver a series of “Development Centres” for their Talent pool as part of building organisational capabilities.
  • Partnership projects – a number of on-going development projects (pipeline) with our partners in Sweden and Denmark.