Pygmalion’s value proposition

IMG_7904Pygmalion’s business is to assist Leaders & their respective organisations in…
  • Promoting the development of a supportive and accepting climate and organisational context for people to perform and develop
  • Providing frequent, specific and quality coaching feedback that focuses on what people are doing right (increasing competence and self confidence) as well as advising on corrective actions for improving development areas
  • Facilitating the formulation and delivery of the necessary training and development resources to enhance the skills of people that would allow them to effectively perform
  • Supporting the attempts of individuals and teams to perform at their optimum by promoting innovative and creative approaches to behaviour change, accepting mistakes during experimentation, and providing assistance in problem solving and application of acquired knowledge and skills.
Our Service Commitment
  • Timeous and effective delivery of agreed service and prompt response times (within 48hrs)
  • Professional and ethical conduct and the creation of a confidential space for learning and development, including honouring the confidentiality of client information.
  • Providing a partnership to meet service requirements, including tailoring of tools/materials/processes to ensure integration with your own business context
  • Direct, open communication all the time, real time
  • Competence, clarity and consistency in theory-in-practice in terms of models, intervention processes and tools/technology employed
  • Objective and unbiased consultancy, facilitation, feedback and coaching
  • Collation of outputs, issues and preparation of relevant/pertinent feedback
  • Availability for follow-up/support
  • Vested interest in enabling you to develop people to enhance personal and work performance