The Core Team

IMG_2893Pygmalion is deliberately a small entity that relies on a core infrastructure and a committed team of independent associates and extended peer network.

This means that we are able to grow our capacity to ‘scale-up’ on a project by project basis. Our clients can be assured that we will always resource the project team with the best possible people. This ‘in-sourcing’ model allows us to manage internal costs to offer competitive rates. It also ensures a rich cross pollinisation of ideas and practice, where we learn from each other as we craft tailored solutions to meet each client organisations’ unique requirements.

Our belief is that we are most effective working within a consortium model to ensure flexible capacity that also results in a more competitive pricing model in support of our services.

Furthermore, in line with our vision to develop internal capability within our client organisations, more often than not the Team consists of a working partnership that straddles the Pygmalion-Client relationship