The Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL)

Sean is a “Strategic Associate” partnering with CCL’s  South Africa office for the Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) region.  He became an Associate Executive Coach in 2009, providing coaching feedback on its public and client tailored Leadership Development Programmes (LDP), as well as Executive Coaching assignments.

He is a Faculty member for CCL’s classic Leadership Development Programme (LDP) and is accredited to deliver related development programmes to CCL clients.  He is also a member of the Digital Leadership “Global Practice” group and, with Covid-19 as a disruptor, has worked on and delivered a number of CCL’s live online learning programmes (Modules and Webinars).

His time with CCL has been a period of extraordinary learning and personal development, not with-standing the opportunities to support leaders across EMEA region with their own leadership development processes.

CCL EMEA recently celebrated its 20th anniversary of being based in Brussels, at the centre of Europe.   The South Africa head office is based in Sandton, Johannesburg.

More recently, Sean has been partnering with CCL South Africa in the bespoke design and delivery of client leadership/executive development programmes (e.g.,  Metropolitan’s Retail Leadership Development Programme, Ecobank’s LEAP programme, Sartorius’ Inspirational Leadership Programme, AfreximBank’s Executive Coaching Programme, Anglo American’s Accelerator Programme, and Imperial Brand’s NGP Programme).