Leading Ventures (Tom Cummings et al)

IMG_1893Sean and Tom Cummings (pictured far right in the photo) have co-designed and delivered a number of leadership development initiatives, both in Europe (Tallberg Forum, 2006, 2007, 2009) and in South Africa (Momentum Executive Leadership Development Programme Retreat, 2010).

These have been multi-day learning programmes, often in the format of a retreat that offers leaders a creative, challenging yet supportive and reflective space to consider their leadership landscapes and their personal response.   Our collaboration began with an immediate sense of affinity, that was followed by a series of fascinating design conversations via skype in preparation for the learning programmes that we co-facilitated together.  Tom’s excellent book that he co-authored with his long time friend, colleague and conversational partner (Jim Keen) called “Leadership Landscapes” is an apt example of the novelty of his own approach to leadership and organisational development.

He is the owner and founder of Leading Ventures and is based in the Netherlands.  More recently, Tom has been elected to the Board of the Tallberg Foundation – a testament to his ability to shift his perspective across the leadership landscapes of our times.