“Holding People in Conversation” – Facilitation skills Training

“Facilitation is about creating the right conditions for holding people in conversation in order for challenges, views and ideas to emerge to everyone’s benefit” (Sean Germond)

The ability to ‘facilitate’ people in conversation is becoming an essential competence for leaders. We like to define facilitation as being all about the skills of ‘holding people in conversation’. Holding both in terms of the underlying group processes, as well as the content or subject of the conversation. Pygmalion has a developed what we believe is a unique facilitation framework that has demonstrated a powerful impact on line manager’s ability to chair meetings, conduct workshops and contribute to internal training programmes.

“Holding people in conversation” (best delivered as a 2 x 2-day format) is practical and experiential training programme, using real-time-real-life scenarios in a simulated environment. It focuses on the core facilitation competencies as summarised in our 5-5 facilitation framework, and builds on what people would have already been exposed to in other related training sessions.

The learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding and experiencing the role of being a Facilitator who needs to hold people in conversation
  • Practical knowledge of the 5-5 Facilitation Framework and insights into the dynamics of working with groups – i.e., content (“what we are talking about”) versus process (“what is going on”) considerations
  • Practical tools to ensure a productive conversation takes place in a group session (i.e., effective “meeting management practices”) to ensure adherence with actual workplace meetings
  • Simple techniques of dealing with the dynamics in the group (i.e., games people play and how to effectively engage/challenge/include)
  • How to leverage the informal roles that people bring to the group in terms of their psychological preference or preferred style of participation, to maximise their contribution and involvement