‘Coaching for Excellence’ – Performance & Development Conversations

IMG_1048Coaching for Excellence (or CFE) is a management development programme that is progressive in terms of skills acquisition and sustainable in terms of bringing about tangible behaviour change in support of a defined organisational development process (e.g., Transformation). It is offered as a generic solution that is easily tailored to the needs of the client organisation (in terms of context relevance, specific terminology and existing organisational and leadership development frameworks).

CFE consists of 10 modules that can be delivered as stand-alone workshops or as an integrated programme. Typically, CFE is best delivered over a 2 year period, as the training is linked to core organisational and management processes (such as your performance management system) that would ensure that the newly acquired skills are embedded in ‘the way we do things around here’.

As such, it has been used as a capability solution in support of a broader organisational Transformation process, as well as a focussed training solution to improve line manager competence in conducting performance review and personal development conversations with their direct reports. CFE is all about how coaching can be “the glue that binds” in terms of organisational change and development (including matching people capability with process capability), increased people management capabilities, and more improved communication practices/processes.

CFE has a 3 pronged approach:

  • ensure alignment of internal systems and processes to the “change you want to see” in management practices
  • develop a cadre of internal “conductors” who are responsible for the delivery, monitoring and championing of coaching practices in support of more effective performance and development conversations, and
  • ensure that a broad and deep enough (cut wide and cut deep) group of line managers are exposed to the skills training in support of the desired management practices within the shortest period of time to create a critical mass in support of ‘how we do things around here’