Our Approach to Leadership Development…



Pygmalion has a tried and tested Leadership Development Approach that we present to prospective clients in terms of the initial brief that we receive.  Based on the intent and content of the client brief, as well as additional research, investigation and internal consideration, we prepare a concept paper (such as this document) as an initial proposition for presentation to key stakeholders.  Often, an early part of our engagement is to consider the hidden assumptions about ‘how we develop leaders in our organisation’ and to explore the extent to which this is based on ‘structural’ rather than ‘in-principle’ considerations.

Our approach to the design and delivery of a leadership development initiative is based upon partnering prospective clients in the collaborative development of the learning & development solution.  This means that what is delivered is owned by our client and tailor-made to their distinctive requirements and business context considerations.

Our own ambition is to ensure that the initiative remains distinctly that of our client organisation, with Pygmalion remaining ‘back-stage’.   This is in line with our philosophy that sustainable solutions are the result of honouring the knowledge and expertise existent within the client organization.  Our intent is always to share our own experience, know how and professionalism in a manner that respects the intent and integrity of our client organisation and the leaders who would benefit thereof.

The value of this approach is in the sense of immediate ownership and early commitment to the success of the L&D solution on the part of the client organization. The ‘offering’ is developed from within and not imposed from outside or above.

The implications of this approach are far reaching:

  • greater leadership accountability to champion and monitor progress of the L&D offering
  • an internal team equipped and dedicated to ensuring the effective planning, implementation and sustainability (e.g., follow-through, refresher and add on training over time)
  • capability is developed within the organization, making it less dependent upon outside expertise in the future
  • more flexible training delivery processes in terms of whom, when, where and how;
  • as one cuts deeper into the organisation, peer training has far more impact than external delivery of training

We view the initial engagement/proposal generation process as an opportunity to establish a relationship with a prospective client that is based on a long term understanding, rather than a short term, quick fix intervention.

This means that we do not see ourselves as ‘interventionists’, but rather as leadership & business development partners based on our understanding that sustainable change can only be through a longer term perspective that delivers short term impact with long term outcomes.

(updated Feb2021)