Our approach as Pygmalion

Slide09Our approach is based on the understanding that if you consider, perceive and treat people in an unbiased and positive way, and give them the necessary attention, feedback, advice and skills, they can achieve potential beyond their expectations.

However, we appreciate that people are ‘always in context’.  This means that from a systems thinking perspective, such 1st order change interventions (focussing on the person and their leadership development) needs to be supported by 2nd order change interventions (focussing on the system and the necessary organisational development) to deliver the ‘change that makes the difference’. Pygmalion always considers our individual executive clients in context, and that our coaching and development programmes need to deliver on a number of levels at the same time.

The core philosophy of our business

We believe in the enormous value of the effective application of basic principles and models in psychology and systems thinking to the benefit of individuals, teams and organisations. We believe in the power of unleashing the potential energy in the organisation through:

Increasing insight, awareness and personal effectiveness through focussed assessment & feedback protocols, and tailored individual & team coaching programmes

Developing practical skills and tools through high impact learning programmes that are co-created with the client based on a deep understanding of the needs (both in terms of current deficit as well as future investment in capability). Such programmes are based on adult learning principles, are owned by ‘internal subject matter experts’, play an essential role in a broader knowledge management process, and offer “learning through experience.

Facilitating change processes to ensure that people are ‘held in conversation’ about the challenges and opportunities facing them and their organisation.

Supporting the creation of healthy organisational environment through professional consultation (advice and facilitation, policy development, L&D programme design, development and implementation)