Leader as Coach

Slide14There is an increased recognition that businesses compete as much on the strength of their people as well as their reputation, brand, products and/or services. This is an emphasis on “people driven performance” which requires leaders who can enable your organization’s ‘human capital’ to realize this strategic competitive advantage.

Coaching has become an essential competence for any person who is responsible for leading and managing others to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the business and organisation that they are part of. Leaders need to be able to engage their peers and direct reports in conversations that are both ‘transactional’ (i.e., task focussed) and ‘relational’ (i.e., relationship focussed). We call this ‘excellence through coaching’.

Given the change in the psychological contract that underpins employment practices as well as a scarcity of talent in this country, the reality is that managers can no longer only coerce people to perform as was done in the past! Managing performance through fear & consequence may work, but managing performance through appreciation, acknowledgement and coaching delivers superior results!

About this workshop…

This 2 day Workshop is based on the premise that developing leaders’ capability to have coaching conversations (relating to performance and development feedback) provides a competitive edge to organisational growth and success.

The workshop is adapted from Pygmalion’s “Coaching for Excellence” (CFE) training programme that has been delivered to over 1500 senior line managers and 60 executive managers since it’s inception in 2005. From the outset, it was understood that effective leadership is all about the quality of the conversations that you have with others to ensure clarity of intent (purpose), alignment on most effective ways of working, and how best to gain the commitment it would take to realise the ambition
The learning is based on the following philosophy (frames of reference)

  • People are core to your business success and continuity
  • Never under estimate the value of the INTERNAL transfer & retention of cultural, business, operational and technical capability
  • Effective People Management is merely your ticket to the game (just as Operational Efficiencies are in any business)
  • Whenever a conversation is taking place about work tasks or relationships that relate to performance, development and/or organisational learning (shared learning), this is an opportunity for coaching!
  • Leading through coaching will not only differentiate you from your competition, but will also enable you to unlock the astonishing potential of those whom you work and interact with on a daily basis.