Progressio Foundation & epic

Through its ventures, partnerships, coalitions, agenda-setting events, learning and action initiatives, Progressio Foundation has been contributing to a new world of enterprise – and entrepreneurs – who have been pioneering some of the most creative economic and social innovations of the last twenty years.

Sean has worked closely with Marcello Palazzi in contributing to global events, starting out with the New Leader Programme for the Tallberg Foundation (Marcello is an ex-Board member) to the first ever ALIA Intensive (Authentic Leadership in Action) event in Europe (2011), as well as the Bioneers Programme (2010).

More recently, under the auspices of epic (Entrepreneurs, Pathfinders, Innovators, and Change-Makers), Pygmalion and epic came together, with the incredible contribution of Pio Barone Lumaga (recently retired Chief Innovation Officer at Pond The brand innovation company) to support the development of a concept called the Partnership Exchange for an exciting South African entity called the Western Cape Economic Development Partnership (or EDP).

More recently Marcello has been actively involved in novel and significant movement to redefine the role of the Corporation beyond a profit motive – the Benefit Corporation

epic exhange