Leading Transitions – Change Agent Workshop

IMG_1990We tend to think about change and time as a linear process, a movement from A to B across a straight line. Whilst this is a re-assuring idea, we all know that change is not such a neat and tidy process nor experience, and that the journey from A to B is often an iterative process (1 step forward, 2 steps back), and that there is always an element of recursion involved in any process of change.

Often poets have the ability to capture the meaning or experience of change in ways that we do not read about in the leadership literature.   TS Eliot, a late 19th century poet writing during the tumultuous period of the industrial revolution and during the world wars in the early 1900s, captured the essence of change so succinctly in a line from one of his famous poems: “We shall not cease from exploration, but to arrive at our point of departure, and know it, for the first time…” (TS Eliot).

My reading of what this means is that we will only truly appreciate the transition we are entering/going through when we are in a position of hindsight. When we look back across time, we will fully appreciate the journey that we have been on, and the transition that we have been through. However, knowing this, we can certainly inform ourselves, and prepare for the next transition that we are about to go through.

Pygmalion offers a distinct and pragmatic approach to assisting our clients to manage the impact of the change in their business and/or organisation – often as a result of the execution of their strategic plan.  We call this service “Leading Transitions” based on the distinction between change management (which tends to relate to the implementation of specific change projects) and transition management (which is all about the human impact of such changes).

This Change Management Workshop is the outcome of over 18 years of work and experience as an organisational and leadership development practitioner. The workshop is based on 4 distinct yet connected Learning Modules that are typically delivered in 2 x 1-day sessions within a 2 month window. Apart from the interactive, experiential learning that will take place in the Modules, you will also be expected to relate the theory & practice to real-time work initiatives as part of an action-learning approach. As each organisation and its’ change agenda is distinct, part of our offering is to partner with you to tailor the learning, the exercises and the specific emphasis to align with your unique requirements.

This means that the learning outcomes and the supporting co-design, and process facilitation support will matched to your reality, your resources and most importantly the implementation/execution of your business strategy.

Participants are those individuals (e.g. HR business partners, key business operational leaders, and often EXCO members themselves) whom have been identified as the core set of internal “change agents” (we prefer to call you ‘ChangeMakers”) with the responsibility to lead, drive, and/or facilitate the change agenda.
We make a distinction between “change” and “transition” – the former is about what is implemented, the latter is the human impact of such new processes, value propositions, structures, etc… This means that the learning focusses 20% on ‘change management’ (project implementation and tracking requirements) and 80% on ‘helping people to help themselves and others through the transition’.