Organisational Development (business & team)

Slide18Organisational Development Support – “Changing to face the change”

This is all about assisting our client organisation in the definition, design, delivery and implementation of desired change initiative. For such change to be sustainable, we recommend that there is a dual focus on developing both people (leadership practices, relationships, interpersonal capabilities, and attitudes/levels of awareness) and the workplace (systems, work processes, supporting structures).

Our approach to organisational development includes the following elements:

  • A project based approach to ensure a viable and sustainable “solution” to support the desired change in both leadership and workplace practices. The project time line tends to range from 12 months to 3 years based on size and complexity of both organisation and the desired change
  • The definition, design, delivery and monitoring of a “capability solution” to ensure that people are able to adapt to the desired change and that workplace structures, processes, systems and practices will support such change.
  • The development of a Client-Pygmalion change team who will champion the change process and deliver the necessary learning, development and process facilitation programme
  • The support (coaching, co-facilitation and process supervision) of internal change agents who are the conscience of the collective (our “canaries in the coal mine”)
  • Coaching support to the Leadership Team (and where indicated, senior management teams) who are tasked with ensuring the success of the initiative
  • The development and monitoring of internal communications to ensure that everyone gets the same information at the same time so that people are informed, inspired and motivated about what is taking place
  • Monitoring and reviewing the project progress to ensure that pre-determined milestones are reached and that desired changes are being adopted or implemented