The Relevance of our offering

Slide12Our offering is based on the context of the demands of working and leading in a globalised world, complete with uncertainty and interconnectivity. We see the following mega-trends as the context for our work:

Rapid change and unpredictability are the hallmarks of our age. Despite this reality, businesses mostly continue to act as if it were ‘business as usual’, struggling to grapple with the business un-usual agenda in order to remain viable, relevant and competitive.  At the heart of this resistance to doing ‘business unusual’ , lies the addiction to trusted management practices based on the understanding of how things have always worked even when it is patently clear that improvement of neither performance nor results are being achieved.

What is required is a new way of thinking about how things really work in the new reality. We need a new way of understanding the nature of the world in which business is being done. Rather than managing by fixing parts of the business machine, a holistic, humanistic, systems approach involving leadership ‘minding’ both the business and its people as a whole is what sets apart the best from the rest.

The “psychological contract” has undergone a dramatic transformation from being one where you as employee have a life long relationship with the company (with job security based on loyalty and commitment) to an employment transaction that is based on competence, performance and mutual satisfaction.

The “democratisation of the workplace” and changing systems of governance (including legislative changes) also contribute to the requirement for new models of leadership and effective teamwork practices.

The “war on talent” also requires organisations to create an environment wherein people are able to align their vocation (work) with their avocation (their “calling” in life based on their core values and desires).
The transformation of the workplace into one that is diverse and should value diversity means an increasing requirement for people to develop greater insight and understanding into human psychology in order to improve workplace relations (working with different people and ideas within and across different work teams and customers).

Being able to work with and lead people requires excellent emotional, personal and social abilities, this is made even more daunting when you are “in a company of strangers”.

Resilience:  Finally, in the quest of keeping body and soul together in a high demand and challenging work environment, there is a real need for people to develop greater resilience to manage the pressures of work to maintain optimum health and vitality.