“Leading Virtual Teams”

Pivoting to adapt to remote work and distributed teams

“Leading Virtual Teams” is Pygmalion’s on-line learning programme that is based on a core set of 4 x “mini-modules” (120 min each) that are delivered via your digital platform of choice (e.g., Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, etc.). The learning experience is grounded in an opportunity for participants to make sense and work through the practical application of the key learning outcomes with their real-time lived work reality. As a colleague of mine said in his blog, ‘Work is not a place you go but a thing you do – we are moving from a noun to a verb’

Covid-19 accelerated the need for our existing client organizations to re-think their operating model (distributed teams whose team members themselves are isolated from each other). Social Distancing and lockdown regulations required an overnight change to remote work where we all found ourselves having to adapt and adjust to working from home “virtually alone”.

Team leaders themselves had to rapidly learn how to manage and lead a virtual team as part of executing on business continuity plans whilst the company/business itself had to pivot to respond to the commercial and organizational challenges as a result of this tsunami of change…

Key Learning Outcomes

The design of this program was been informed by more than 24 years of coaching workplace teams, across all levels, as part of our work in Change Leadership and High-Performance Team interventions.   We have taken what we know that works in face-2-face engagements and developed content and a delivery process that has already been tested and validated with existing client leadership teams.

We were fortunate of having already had gained experience in on-line virtual training, facilitation, and coaching (individual and group) programs.   Our experience in delivering remote-based leadership development modules with existing clients started out more than 3 years ago. We have been working with teams that were already distributed (geographical distance) and whose only interactions with each other and execution of work tasks was via virtual engagements.

In late December 2019, Wuhan was a city most had not heard of

This was all pre-Covid-19….  The content (and learning delivery methodologies) of this specific program has already been tested and delivered with some of our existing clients (who need to rapidly change & transition to remote work given lockdown requirements).are.   

As such, this learning programme combines all that we know about ‘high performance teams’, ‘shared leadership’ (leadership as a social process), virtual instruction/teaching practices, change leadership and change management, and what we call “the business of winning” (the mind-sets, attitudes, behaviours, competencies and ways of working to “play-to-win” as an individual, team and organisation).    

Please do not hesitate to be in contact with me if you would like to know more about this Offering.

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