The “River of Change™” – Helping leaders navigate the transition…

Leading Rapid Change has become the “new normal”

To assist people to cope with change (which is what leading people through change is all about), a critical distinction you need to make is the difference between “change” and “transition” (ref:  William Bridges, “Managing Transitions”, 1991).

  • Change is what takes place (new structure, new boss, new team, new role, new operating model, new products/services, new policies, etc).
  • Transition is the psychological impact of the experience.  We call this  “the-river-of-change” experience – how people think, feel and act in response to the change.

Pio Barone Lumaga – Creator of the River of Change process

Based on Pio Barone Lumaga’s insight into what happens during any innovation process, the River of Change™ workshop is a group process that we offer to assist teams and broader leadership communities to understand and make sense of the changes that are impacting on them – and then be clear about the leadership that is required to support the changes being implemented.

“Change Management” is an old term that describes both the requirements of the effective execution/implementation of the task (the project itself) as well as helping people to understand and adapt (cope) with the transition experience.

The “River of Change™ workshop develops your capability for effective “Change Leadership”  through  a  dual  focus  on  helping  people  to  talk  through  and  make  sense  of  their  experiences  AND  developing  their  knowledge,  understanding  and  know-how  to  lead  others  through  the  change.

We have seen how this process makes a difference across sectors.   Whether this is about:

  • assisting Deans across a University dialogue the pedagogical and administrative implications of a revised post graduate curriculum;
  • Investment Managers rethinking new investment products; FMCG executives learning how to navigate the changes in their core portfolio;
  • Packaging R&D specialists rethink a radically alternative solution for an existing product; or
  • Regional Sales Managers appreciating the impact of new channel solutions for specific insurance products…

Leading others through rapid changes that are taking place (either by design or in having to react to business unusual conditions) has become the new norm…

Pio and Sean have collaborated in the co-design and delivery of “change leadership” workshops for client organisations.  Our participants have been business Executives, internal Change Managers (from the Project Management Office), internal HR Business Partners and independent Organisational Development practitioners.

All whom have attended have found our approach (the River of Change) refreshing, informative and totally relevant & practical in helping both the dialogue/learning as well as application/forward planning that is required.

The River of Change™ is a unique approach to “change leadership” – the metaphor (river of change) and the tried and tested process (methodology) will help you to lead others through the changes that are being implemented.

For more information, please contact Sean directly.

Facilitating a large group conversation about leading change – starting close in (with yourself)

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