Our Vision

ballThe vision for Pygmalion remains one of being “a small, professional leadership & organisational development consulting & coaching firm that remains at the ‘fluid edge’ of emerging theory and practice” (Sean Germond).

This means that Pygmalion:

Operates within a well defined philosophical and scientific framework (theory) that informs our approach (practice) to sustainable development at the individual, team, and organisational level. We are not ‘interventionists’, but rather seek to provide an offering that is deep, embedded and enduring.

Has a ‘glocal’ positioning in terms of being able to work at both the local and global level in terms of perspective and client organisation considerations.

Remains a small, core team that offers a professional (competent, ethical), personalised (based on well established relationships), empathetic (current, well informed on client context, relevant) and responsive (availability, accessibility) service to our client organisations.

Continues to design (invent, innovate, plan, develop) and deliver development solutions (strategies, methodologies, coaching and training programmes) with our clients, enabling them to ‘mind their own business’.

Relies upon developing internal capacity within our client organisations to enable them to ‘work from the inside’ with our ‘support from the outside’. We have always created a ‘working partnership’ with our clients.

Establishes a robust consortium/network of other partners (leading global research, development and consulting entities such as Centre for Creative Leadership) and providers whom we can call on to increase our own capacity for specific large scale projects. We in-source colleagues who are masters in their own respective domains.

Manages its own internal operations in a way that allows us to benefit from our market positioning, low cost base, remarkable work environment. We always find ways to fine tune the machine to ensure that our rates are competitive.

We believe that this will allow us to build and maintain long term partnerships with key clients to ensure the successful and sustainable delivery of services, through strategic alliances with quality service providers.